How long should it take my property to sell? 

How long should it take you to sell your property? That’s a difficult question to answer. Really, you should look at some of the factors relevant to your suburb. 

Look at your suburb and work out what the average days on market are, which can be accessed on  or Your goal should be to match or beat the days on market you see here. 

How long should it take to sell your home?

How to achieve low days on market? 

  1. Price your property competitively

You should price your property competitively to reduce the time it takes your property to sell. As we explore in this article, pricing high generally leads to a blown out days on market and takes your property longer to sell. 

How to price your property to achieve a premium sales price

  1. Choose the right method of sale for your property

The most popular methods of sale are auction and private treaty. In Sydney, auctions are very popular and can be a great way to create competition and encourage emotional bidding among buyers. Private treaty sales on the other hand are less visible and can create uncertainty amongst buyers. 

Which method of sale should you use?

  1. Choose the right agent

Choosing the right agent helps reduce the time it takes to sell your property. Make sure they have the perfect sales process, and a sound strategy for selling your property that they will execute well. 

If you need to see an example of a strategy session, just click the link below to request an easy, no commitment sneak peek all done online. Here you can run through campaign elements such as social media tactics, breaking down buyer source and activity as well as presentation.