Should you do property styling, and is it worth the money? Property styling can be one of the biggest competitive advantages you have in the marketplace. 

The easiest and fastest way to add value to your home: Property Styling

A property stylist’s job is to create that attraction or warm fuzzy feeling for buyers as they walk through the door. If you can create this atmosphere, you almost guarantee that you will get a sale away a lot sooner and at a premium price point. 

It is a sure way to get good value on investment, and attract buyers. 

Why is property styling so effective? 

Take a look at this Volvo ad campaign for example for the Volvo V60.

The new Volvo V60

What do you notice? The advertisers use visuals, a soothing voice and music, all to reinforce the theme of family. They trigger a response in the viewer, and create an association between family and the model. 

Advertising and sales take nothing for granted, and don’t bank on customers having imagination. They make it as easy as possible for customers to see themselves using the product or service. 

Your product or service is not a house, it is a lifestyle and a home. So you need to make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to see themselves living in the home. Avoid presenting your property sparse or bare. This will take the buyer away from picturing their new life in this home, and onto small defects and features. 

If two identical apartments hit the market, and one is staged and styled whilst the other is bare, which one do you think will sell first? 

Do I require full staging? How much will this cost me?

Cost and how much effort should go into this will vary from property to property. If you’re selling a mid range residence, this can be as simple as a tidy and freshen up like new lights, a fresh coat of paint and item rearrangement. De-cluttering, making the property look minimal to finish up, and you’ve done some cheap and easy things to improve your property’s value. 

There are some more exotic examples. Check out this video from Coldwell Banker Real Estate for some more examples and a discussion of how important presentation and styling is. 

Home Staging Makeover

If anyone has the budget and the appetite for the extreme, we’d love to go all ‘Million Dollar Listings” style with a home-nightclub like this below. 

Home Night Club anyone?

In short, it is pretty clear to see the ways property styling adds value to your home. Your agent can help you organise this and determine what is most cost effective for you.