Should you spend the money on a pest and building inspection, and if so when should you do it? We break this down in our latest video below. 

Should you do a pest and building inspection before you sell?

Pest and Building Inspection when selling

An agent in control of the sales process tells you to get a pest and building inspection done before you even hit the market. This will give you the ability to identify if there are any problems with a property early, before you start showing to buyers. It is much easier and less costly to address these before you actually hit the market. 

The alternative is to get this done after signing up with an agent and hitting the market. However, in this order, a major problem found during the inspection will halt your progress and devastate your campaign – some issues can completely halt the sales process and require a property to be withdrawn from the market. 

This will ultimately hurt the price you achieve. If you need to begin and execute the sales process, please begin here

A series of building contractors When to get a Pest and Building Inspection done?

In our opinion it is better to get it done first and out of the way. This is a small expense to save time and hassle and even streamlines the closing of a sale at the back end of the process. Savvy buyers will always insist on a pest and building inspection, so to have this done before hand makes your property stand out on the market. 

It says that you and your agent are professional, definitely here to sell and have nothing to hide. There is no message that is more appealing to an investor or someone looking for their new home. 

Pest and Building Inspections for Buyers

Pest and building inspections are also a great idea for buyers to complete when purchasing a property. This can be useful as the last thing any new buyer wants is a nasty surprise after settlement that could prove costly.

NSW Fair Trading has some useful pointers on what you should look out for as a buyer. Certain building issues can be hard to spot which is why the right professional could save you thousands.