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    Joe WehbeJoe Wehbe

    Hey Everyone!

    Sydney Listings Academy was launched in September 2019. I thought this was an important element to add to our real estate agency, and felt a duty to provide clean and simple education in property, finance and investing.

    The Academy was inspired by many things such as the mistakes I’d seen clients make, and a desire to share the unique education I’d benefited from growing up in a property and investing focused family.

    The Sydney Listings Academy has the potential to be a lot more than a series of videos. It should be an interactive education tool. You, the “Sydney Listings Academics” can enhance the education by participating in discussion forums and sharing your feedback.

    We always want to improve, so if you have feedback in any of the following, please comment here!

    • Style of the videos: such as length, format, quality
    • Information or content included
    • Topics or areas you want to see modules made on
    • Appropriateness of the content or of generic advice

    Thanks guys! Feedback is a gift and we will use it wisely!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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