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Starting Out: Invest with a Philosophy

Starting out using the Sydney Listings Investment Philosophy

Welcome to Sydney Listings Academy!

This course is meant to start conversations and drive your self-guided learning. Education is a fascinating thing, and I can guarantee you that property, finance and investing knowledge is a gap for most people.

The biggest mistake is making major decisions without a strategic hat on, without personal discovery first. Without clarifying your goals and discovering what you want to get out of property.

More than anything else, the Sydney Listings Investment Philosophy is the best place to start. I say that if you can’t check other modules, you should at least watch these.

This will give you the orientation you need. This will teach you that an acute awareness of yourself, your own strengths and weaknesses are the real starting point. Without these, you can’t achieve anything at all.

Without awareness, you’re in the desert with no Northern Star. Or building without plans.

There are plenty of applicable and technical insights in the Academy. But they are worthless without a philosophy that binds them altogether.

Our philosophy is explained clearly in the following videos. But really the goal is not to convince you of our principles. In truth what these should do is encourage you to go out and develop your own principles.

To look deeper and further into your own psychology. Your own aptitudes, attitudes, values and goals. You should head over to our discussion boards after these modules to discuss where you agree and disagree with our philosophy. Also, don’t be afraid to voice your own philosophy so that others are invited to join the conversation!


Lesson 1
Sydney Listings Investment Philosophy - Part I
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Sydney Listings Investment Philosophy - Part II
Lesson 3
Sydney Listings Investment Philosophy - Part III

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