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A word from our Managing Director on our Culture and Philosophy

I never saw myself being involved in real estate when I was younger. When I started working in property in 2013, and in the time since, I have observed the industry with a fresh lens and slowly noticed the things which make the difference. The reality is actually quite simple; customers want good advice they can bank on, to deal with people who are commercial, and to receive good service at the best value price available.

But lacking are the values, and the culture that enable real estate agents to replicate this. As such, the impetus is on individual agents to maintain good ideals in isolation, and resist the temptation to do otherwise. We have set out to find these agents and create a platform for them to work more effectively and collaboratively than ever before.

We bring them together into teams, make their work streamlined and more enjoyable, and then measure their performance not just on sales targets, but on people. Customer service is not motivated by commission. It is innate. We have a no bs policy where only the top percentage of agents who can meet this high standard are retained to preserve our world class culture of excellence.

The other major source of passion for me is enabling people to make the most effective investment decisions possible. This is because I believe in the power of investment to change lives and allow more time for family, vocation and passion. I have learned as the third generation of my family in property the value and potential of Sydney Markets, particularly when adopting the right long-term philosophy. Sydney Listings is also a platform to provide this education for those who seek to use it, and seek to use it well.

I never saw myself being involved in real estate, and to this day what gives me energy every morning is not property. It is the people. While on paper our job is to look after properties, our real mission is to look after people.

Joe Wehbe, Managing Director and Founder

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Picture of Joe Wehbe the Managing Director of Sydney Listings

Joseph Wehbe

Managing Director
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Reece Sammons

Head of Property Management
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Andy Diaz

Head of Sales

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