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A word from our Managing Director on our Culture and Philosophy

I never thought I’d end up in real estate. 

Though I come from a big property family, real estate found me (and not the other way around). Ever since I’ve tried to look at the industry with the same fresh eyes and my feeling is still that things can be done a whole lot better. 

I think technology and modern ways of doing business can do things more efficiently and get better results, whilst passing savings onto sellers and landlords at the same time. 

The biggest problems I noticed are 

1) Real estate agents selling and renting homes know little about actual marketing, especially how to use cost effective social media marketing platforms that get great results in more advanced markets like the US. 

2) Real estate businesses are set up very poorly and have not kept up with the times. They are not set up to take advantage of scale and pass savings onto sellers and landlords. They carry multiple expensive rents, unnecessary staff and waste a lot of time manually pursuing new business rather than giving service… to say the least. 

3) Agents have been slow to adapt to fast-moving advancements in marketing and technology. 

I always keep in mind two things that Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos says. The first is that great businesses are built on things that never change; clients always want good service, they want things fast, and they want a competitive price. 

The other thing is that to create evangelists, you need to design something 10 times better than the options out there. 

That is the guide we have used at Sydney Listings. Not only are things 10 times better in the prices we achieve and smooth service we use to do it… we make sure it is the most cost effective, the fastest, fairest and smartest. 

Joe Wehbe, Managing Director and Founder

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Picture of Joe Wehbe the Managing Director of Sydney Listings

Joseph Wehbe

Managing Director
Picture of Reece Sammons Head of Property Management at Sydney Listings

Reece Sammons

Head of Property Management
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Andy Diaz

Head of Sales

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