Property Management. Property Management.

Welcome to a new style of property management Sydney

Rent out a property or have it professionally managed, by a team that is Digital, Direct and Elite.

We lease out and manage properties for first time investors through to whole apartment blocks for larger clients.

Our team are some of the only happy property managers in the world… because they work together in a great team, empowered by ground-breaking systems and technology.

We figure that property management’s role is to make property investing low stress, and cost effective. That is, our fees should be covered by how much money we save our clients, as well as our client’s improved returns. We tell our clients that if we’re not doing this for them, then it’s not worth having us manage their property.

For us, property management is an insurance policy of sorts, and something you should invest in. What we’ve noticed is that a lot of other companies want to offer you a lower fee, but their focus is not on actually improving your experience and your return.

Wanting to make property management in Sydney better comes from our founder Joe, whose family have developed and held properties here for decades. We’re paperless, cloud-based, remote and maintain high technical standards in order to offer the same service that was designed to look after this family portfolio to more people. 

Unlike regular property managers, we help investors from start to finish with our insights and our very own online Sydney Listings academy on property, finance and investing.

Get in touch below or check out our videos to learn about the extra detail we put into property management that no one is matching.  

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