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Need a tenant? Having problems with your property? Welcome to a service that works hard to save you tens of thousands of dollars through property management

We lease out and manage properties for first time investors through to whole apartment blocks for larger clients, in Sydney and the Central Coast.

My name is Joe Wehbe and my family has been developing and investing in property in Sydney for three decades. My observation is that most property managers are set up for failure. Their biggest issues are poor communication and not handling the leasing process smoothly.

Let’s get to the point: Our solution is called Contemporary Property Management. It is property management with the goal of cutting down the risk of tenant damage, saving you up to tens of thousands of dollars!

It is digital and it is detailed. It is super cost effective. It will cut down your stress, helping you build a lifestyle around your investment. We’re so confident in it, that we will guarantee our service. MONEY BACK.