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Selling your property? Use digital marketing, video and social media… oh, and we actually answer our phones.

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Digital. Direct. Elite Marketing.

If needing to sell, then you need a marketing strategy optimised for your property. The modern agent should be across tools that boost engagement and targeting like video, facebook and youtube for example.

We’re e-harmony for buyers and sellers. We’ll design a cost effective strategy to achieve your sale based on what is measurable and what works. Check out our further resources to understand how we’re upgrading real estate, and why you should consider the alternative to sell a house or apartment in today’s world.

Digital – a fresh and dynamic team who understand platforms and how to use them. We’re actual marketers.

Direct – we’re cutting out the b.s. between you and your next buyer. We tell it like it is with effective communication.

Elite – why do things like everyone else? We look at developments and stay up to date so that we can always be a better alternative for you.

At Sydney Listings, we have a different approach to sales. Our team members are called “Listers” and here’s what we’ll be delivering on the sale of your property:


Values Driven Brand: We selectively build a team of value and service driven professionals, our focus is making sure everyone has a fantastic service experience with our agency. Learn more about our sales philosophy here and the code our agents abide by. The only consistency across our diverse team is a fantastic attitude.


Sold by a team, not an individual: Our goal is to generate the most effective sales process possible. This means not just having a big network of salesman or “Listers”, but also ensuring they effectively work together, bound by a world class sales culture.


Focused on Attracting the most Buyers: We have a property academy and service to buyers built on relationships. We know that we need not just any buyer, but qualified buyers and our process is designed to reflect this. Whilst most buyers are forgotten by agents, our agency is designed to make it easier for Listersto maintain relationships and follow up active buyers in your marketplace. Don’t take our word for it, we will show you what active buyers in our database match your property before Listing.


Digitalisedand Modernised: We pride ourselves on being a leader in coordination of real estate technology, as a paperless and cloud-based office, with plenty of backend support, our “Listers” have the freedom to increase service time and do more. However technology doesn’t sell your property – hard work does. And so our goal with our modern office is to enhance the dedication of our already elite agents, taking the best and making them even greater.


Modern Marketing: We remain at the coal-face of marketing breakthroughs, and look at how we can tailor this to marketing your property, using tools such as video