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Selling your property? Just scroll down! We offer WAY MORE than the traditional real estate agent while charging WAY LESS.

Instead of telling you, why don’t we just show you what we offer… sellers all over Sydney are finding it hard to resist our technology powered solution to real estate!

Traditional Agent Sydney Listings
Upfront Marketing of $4000-7000 Nothing**
Price 2% Commission + Marketing ($20-40,000) $9,999 including marketing**
Conveyancing Not included Cut-price
Open Homes
Property Video 50/50
Hot Buyer Database 50/50
Email Alert 50/50
SMS Alert 50/50
Follow up from open homes 50/50
Facebook Business Page 50/50
Offers both private treaty and auction campaigns 50/50
Print Media
One Agent vs. Team One Agent TEAM
Option to upgrade realestate.com.au and domain.com.au ads
Online selling platforms to reduce days on market
Mortgage Healthcheck
Building Inspection Report organised and onsold to buyers
3D Property Tour allowing remote inspections
In House Videographer
Dedicated Campaign Manager
Cohesive and Collective Buyer Database (Shared Database)
Paid Facebook Ads
Paid Instagram Ads
Paid Youtube Ads
Inhouse custom audience that is ‘retargetable’ on social media
Indepth buyer analysis / customer journeys
Targeting to out of area buyers via social media
Transparency over the whole campaign to buyers and sellers
To the Point
GUARANTEED to answer and get back to all enquiries IMMEDIATELY
Whatsapp Hot Buyer Group
Access to in-house Whatsapp campaign group
Utilities Connection Referral
Success Dinner

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Welcome to the Digital Revolution of Real Estate

Make sure you use the agents who are up-to-date, modern and make use of the latest and greatest tools to make selling better.

Digital – a fresh and dynamic team who understand platforms and how to use them. We’re actual marketers.

Direct – we’re cutting out the b.s. between you and your next buyer. We tell it like it is with effective communication.

Elite – why do things like everyone else? We look at developments and stay up to date so that we can always be a better alternative for you.

The digital real estate revolution is saving you from the over-charged fee structure and poor, OUTDATED service you’re used to.


Get a Higher Price: Use social media to get more eyeballs on your property. This increases competition and drives up the price.


Sold by a team, not an individual: We still use real people as agents to negotiate your sale, but we give you a team, not just one individual.


Reduce the time it takes to sell: Our system lowers days on market by increasing eyeballs and using online transaction processes, that encourage buyers to bid earlier.


Good Customer Service: We know that communicating clearly and to the point is important. Being transparent about updates and making sure calls and emails are handled immediately is designed into our system.


All for a lower fee: Despite the above, our technology backed system allows us to provide this service for a fraction of the cost of an inferior traditional agent.