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Using Depreciation to save Thousands of Dollars: Featuring Bradley Beer

Using Depreciation to save Thousands of Dollars: Featuring Bradley Beer

Using a Quantity Surveyor and Depreciation to save thousands

Depreciation is rarely taken advantage of by Property Owners, but it can save them thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars every year.

That’s more money in your pocket to help with the cash-flow of owning a property.

A common myth is that your accountant handles depreciation, because this is thought of, correctly, as a tax deduction. But Quantity Surveyors like Bradley Beer of BMT Tax Depreciation are the solution to getting depreciation done to access savings.

Bradley Beer guides you in this exclusive course with Sydney Listings on:

  • What a Quantity Surveyor is and does
  • Why you need one to claim depreciation on your property
  • How much you can save by claiming depreciation
  • How renovators and home flippers can make the most out of depreciation

And much, much more!


Lesson 1
Explanation: What is a Quantity Surveyor?
Lesson 2
How much can investors save by claiming Depreciation?
Lesson 3
How can Investors take advantage of Depreciation?
Lesson 4
Why you can't rely on an accountant to claim Depreciation!
Lesson 5
The Secret Tip for Renovators on Scrapping and Claiming Depreciation
Lesson 6
How to Amend Past Tax Returns to Backdate missed Depreciation Claims
Lesson 7
How to guarantee a deduction before you pay for a Quantity Surveyor!