To price or not to price?

Should you display a price or not when advertising your property for sale? In this day and age, speed and convenience are more important than ever before, shaped by a digital and consumer world where everything is faster and more optimised. 

Should you display a price to the marketplace?

Buyers don’t want the headache of trying to track down an agent that usually doesn’t answer their phone. They want to know straight away without the hassle or headache. They want to know the price immediately so they know whether they will come to the Saturday inspection. 

List your price to the market when advertising your property for sale

You should list your property to the marketplace. If an agent is telling you not to display the price, it may be because they don’t have the confidence in the actual price point. Sometimes, they may even be misleading you with the price. One of the cheapest tricks in the book to get listings is over-quoting

At times the thinking is to display ‘contact agent’ in an attempt to drive inquiries. This is because buyers will have to call to find out the price. But when a price is listed, we know that any phone inquiries or attendees at an open home are already interested in this property at this price range. 

If the price has disqualified them, why would they show an interest? 

Text saying best price over water

Obviously there is an exception for those who are just browsing or at the earlier stages of looking at the market. 

How to get your property priced accurately

Before you reach a price when advertising your property for sale, it is important to price cautiously. Pricing should take into account:

  1. Current market conditions
  2. Recent Sales in the area
  3. The opinion of a real estate professional

We have some detailed modules on this subject in our Sydney Listings Academy. You can simply request an SMS appraisal to get a hassle free understanding to begin with.

We hope we helped you answer whether you should display a price when advertising your property for sale. See you again soon!