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Introduction to Borrowing with Viktor Desovski

Intro to Borrowing with Viktor Desovski

Guidance on getting into the market and decisions around loan structure


mortgage broking

property investing

This course is guided by Viktor Desovski who is a talented mortgage broker from MyBrokerOnline.

In this series, Viktor helps us unpack some of the following topics:

  • The difference between investing in property and gambling on property
  • Why concealing debt from lenders is a mistake
  • Borrowing for a home compared to an investment property
  • The difference between good debt and bad debt
  • Common Property Investor Mistakes
  • The Advantages of Cross-Collateralisation
  • The Disadvantages of Cross-Collateralisation
  • Borrowing for property when you are a business owner

Enjoy and don’t feel afraid to reach out to our  real estate team, Viktor, or your own trusted mortgage broker for more guidance!


Lesson 1
Introduction to Borrowing, Good vs. Bad Debt and Cross-Collateralisation
Lesson 2
Advice for Getting Into the Property Market
Lesson 3
Borrowing for a Home vs. an Investment Property
Lesson 4
Why you Shouldn't Conceal Missed Payments from your Lender
Lesson 5
The difference between Good and Bad Debt
Lesson 6
The Advantages of Crossing your Assets (Cross-Collateralisation)
Lesson 7
The Disadvantages of Crossing your Assets (Cross-Collaterlisation)
Lesson 8
Borrowing when you Own your Business

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